Food Holidays We Don't Celebrate but Should

June  6, 2015

Today: Since nearly every day is some food holiday, we decided to add a few more to the calendar and make up our own. (Hello, Burnt Cheese Stuck to the Bottom of the Pizza Box Day.)

Celebrate! It's National Applesauce Cake Day today!

At some point between National Coq au Vin Day (May 29th) and National Mint Julep Day (May 30th), we went rogue. While we'll happily use National Ice Cream Day (July 19th) as an excuse to dip into a pint (after allowing National Running Day in June to go uncelebrated), we felt that the exisiting national food holidays at large just weren't speaking to us. So we made up our own days, starting with International Pudding that Gets Stuck to the Top of the Lid Day. Ali and Rachel led the charge of what became a full-fledged brainstorm over our intraoffice chat, HipChat:

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Kristen, author of Genius Recipes and incredibly talented cook, suggested Eggs for Dinner Again Day. Kenzi followed up with a game changer: National Someone Put the Empty Jar of Olive Oil Back in the Pantry. Conversely: National Someone Remembered to Replace the Olive Oil Day.

We're not proud of it, but acts of stealing were brought to the table. Amanda suggested Eating your Kids' Easter Candy Day as an International contender. Kenzi admitted to the desperate measures that are sometimes taken when cooking supplies run thin with Steal the Heel of Your Roommate's Loaf of Bread Day. Bridget added, Wine from your Mother-in-Law's Refrigerator Day.

We hereby declare today to be International Eggs for Dinner Again Day. All in favor, say aye.

Here are a few more suggestion that entered the chat, some of which we'll be adding to the calendar, others we could live without (we're looking at you, number 6):

  1. Does this Milk Smell Okay to You? Day
  2. This Milk Smells Good Enough Day
  3. Eating Over the Sink at Midnight Day
  4. Dinner in Bed Day
  5. Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
  6. Kind of Okay, But Kind of Warm Grocery Sushi Day
  7. I Ate Pie for Dinner Again Day

The final contribution to the thread revealed how much we all still have to learn:

Oh, and happy Applesauce Cake Day!

What are some food holidays you think should exist? Tell us in the comments below!

Photos by James Ransom

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I eat everything.


Stephanie June 9, 2015
Before having kids, my parents were big fans of Popcorn & Apples for Dinner night. I've taken up the mantle with Popcorn, Cherries, and Wine for Dinner night.

Also, I feel like National Eat Dessert First day would be worth celebrating.
Leslie S. June 9, 2015
That sounds like a perfect food holiday! I just might have to celebrate it tonight! :)
Suzy A. June 7, 2015
National eating the last cookie while the kids aren't looking day
Leslie S. June 7, 2015
Also a good one!!
Jr0717 June 7, 2015
My mother, friends, and I celebrate Treat Day Tuesday whenever we can. It might be an extra cup of coffee surprised-delivered to one's workplace, a special, favorite dessert (piping hot, chocolate pudding for my mom, usually), or my personal favorite, a little homemade candy or snack stowed away for a surprise during the day. Regardless, its what I consider a reward for making it through Manic Monday and incentive to make it to Hump Day, and its something to look forward to each week!
Leslie S. June 7, 2015
That sounds like such a great tradition! I may have to try that this Tuesday!
Jr0717 June 7, 2015
I highly recommend it, just because it's fun and a unique way to keep the week moving along.