A List of Things We Like This Week

June 12, 2015

Propelled by our obsession with writing lists of things we like, the editors are sharing a few things that brought them joy this week. We won't call it self help, but we encourage you to give it a whirl. You'll smile.

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Niknud June 15, 2015
Happy birthday, Abbie! (I like birthdays).
I hated the hail storm that devestated my garden last week, but I love Mrs. Wheelbarrow's chive blossom vinegar and I now have about 8 pints setting up turning a lovely shade of purple. At least I got something from the carnage, right?
Camping out in the beutiful Rocky Mountains with 2" T-bones on the camp stove.
Seeing all the wild strawberry plants surrounding the camp site and marking the site on our map to come back and pick (only a few) in a few weeks
The no-churn ice cream recipe that was posted in Genius Recipes a little while back and the idea of soaking herbs in cream for that extra punch that was featured in the mint ice cream - may have to combine the two....
Counting baby apples on our two trees
Making plans to defeat the birds and have enough sour cherries to make a pie this year
Cutting the cord on cable service (now that GoT is over)
Having my five year old climb into bed with his backpack announcing that he is going off to kindergarten now (it was six am on a Saturday June).
AntoniaJames June 13, 2015
First blueberry pancakes of the season

Imagination of the Folk - Kickstarter at its best

USDA Market Match grant of $3.7 MM to Berkeley Ecology Center subscription service

Bucknell Bison Chips' performance of US national anthem (and that ensemble's name)

The inclusion of "Star-Spangled" in the name of a super power's national anthem

R&B bands at farmers' markets

First local heirloom tomatoes of the year

Beethoven Opus 19 (Kissin, Levine, Philadelphia Orch)

T Keller Red Onion Tapenade (especially the milk soak for anchovies)

Tapenades and salsa verdes + quickly fried fish wrapped in phulka roti
ChefJune June 13, 2015
How did you all know it was Abbie's birthday? Happy Birthday Abbie! :)
Greek wines
Veal scallops - not from cutlets!
memories of Roger Vergé
aargersi June 13, 2015
ChefJune I shamelessly plugged my own birthday :-) THANK YOU everyone for the wishes! And add my new Microplane Herb Chopper to my happy list!!!
drbabs June 12, 2015
Cooking class with Mrs. Wheelbarrow and the Austin Food52 gang.

Meeting Sara (hardlikearmour) in Portland!

Mount Hood and Hood River-- gorgeous!

Oregon wine

And happy birthday, Abbie!. Enjoy your Texas peach cake!
boulangere June 12, 2015
Did I mention: riding my bicycle?
boulangere June 12, 2015
Riding my bicycle to work.
Riding my bicycle to the grocery store.
Trail biking with my dogs.
Sitting outside in the very early morning with coffee, watching early birds come to the feeders.
My new old cat. 13 years old. Turned in to my vet to be euthanized. She 13, diabetic, with a long-untreated broken leg which just sort of swings about. Her name is Lucy. She's broken our "ark" pattern of two of everything (cats, dogs, bunnies, birds), and will (hopefully) spend her last years happily with us.
aargersi June 13, 2015
YAY YOU for saving Miss Lucy and letting her have a happy late life!
Pegeen June 12, 2015
Many happy returns of the day, aargersi !
boulangere June 12, 2015
Happy birthday, dear Abbie,
Happy birthday to you!
Bevi June 12, 2015
Lobster dinner with friends
Peonies in bloom
Kayaking in the Cape Cod Kettle ponds
Capsizing kayak in only 7 inches of water, thankfully
henandchicks June 12, 2015
Pass-along plants
Yearly book club lunch
Congealed salad (aspic, if you feel fancy)
Young friend with a fuzzy new kitten
Or...a fluffy kitten who has a new boy
Eggs for dinner

aargersi June 12, 2015
Cooking class with Mrs. Wheelbarrow! (and a Food52 gang taking up the front row)
Farmers market anticipation - hello peaches and tomatoes!
Lots and lots of flowers growing
A new fountain in the back yard, and wind chimes chiming
Seashell flowerpots
My mother in law's fig trees with infinty figs set and ripening
Did I mention PEACHES?
Nannydeb made me a peach cake
Happy Birthday To Me!
Kristen M. June 12, 2015
Happy birthday Abbie!!
Lindsay-Jean H. June 12, 2015
Happy happy birthday!
mrslarkin June 12, 2015
Happy birthday, Abbie!!!!
inpatskitchen June 12, 2015
Happy Birthday Abbie!!
cookinginvictoria June 14, 2015
Happy birthday! So nice to celebrate with peach cake!!