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June 25, 2015

What would you do with kale, kohlrabi, and summer squash?

It's week two of our Local Roots' 12-week CSA and we want to know: What should we cook this week? We've got kale, kohlrabi, and three petite summer squash. (Bonus: We've also got some leftover pita, romesco, and scallions in the test kitchen.)

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Tell us your ideas in the comments below, and we'll let you know what we end up doing.

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  • Karen M
    Karen M
  • lunule
  • Rouxfy
  • Jutta
  • cheesesexdeath
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Karen M. September 16, 2016
I had this combination of vegetables in my CSA bag this summer and made a quinoa salad. I peeled and shredded the kohlrabi, stir fried the squash in olive oil and garlic. I shredded the kale and added the hot cooked quinoa to it and put a lid on the bowl to partially steam it for a minute. I made a apple cider vinegar/olive oil/honey vinaigrette and mixed it all together. Delicious and I can add other crunchy veggies or a diced apple to mix it up.
lunule June 29, 2015
Hmmm...I was thinking of a kohlrabi remoulade and I really love Poppies and Papayas Citrus Ginger Tofu salad for the kale ( The squash I was simply planning to grill. But I feel inspired by the okonomiyaki thread. Love, love, love okonomiyaki! PS: Can you eat the greens from kohlrabi?
Rouxfy June 27, 2015
Cut the squashes into ribbons with a spiralizer, chiffonade the kale and add to a hot saute pan with olive oil, garlic, S&P. Add a splash of white wine and cook until al dente. Toss with ricotta and finish with shredded parmesan. For the Kohlrabi, grate into slaw and toss with a bit of rice wine vinegar, brown sugar and grated fresh ginger. Tastes sprightly on the tongue.
Jutta June 26, 2015
Peel and slice the kohlrabi. Cut slices in half.
Heat butter and put kohlrabi in pan. Let it cook until softened, adding salt and a little nutmeg. Add creme fresh and/or heavy cream, stir, taste and done! This is scrumptious served over boiled new potatoes....
cheesesexdeath June 26, 2015
Make creamed kale, with whole milk and lots of parmigiano! It's a healthier version than the creamed spinach.

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WenJay Y. June 26, 2015
I'm gonna try a grated zucchini fritter with some Coconut and lemongrass topped with thinly sliced kohlrabi and sauté my kale leaves with the kohlrabi tops in a chili oil! From Local Roots NYC
hnoeld June 26, 2015
Make a layered gratin with sliced kohlrabi and summer squash, as well as kale ribbons and scallions. Use killer cheese (a soft goat cheese and some shredded manchego?) with a thin bread crumb/manchego topping. I'd blanch the romanesco, make a romesco, and serve both with the pita, or scratch that and just make a simply dressed salad with lots of acid to balance the gratin. And of course a crisp wine. Rose or Pinot Gris?
Khadija June 26, 2015
Boil up the kohlrabi and make garlicky kohlrabi mashed "potatoes"! Indian fritters with shaved up squash in chickpea batter.
Kale pockets stuffed with brown rice and salmon!
Happy CSA cooking!
-Khadija from Local Roots NYC!
amysarah June 26, 2015
Romesco is classic with grilled vegetables - grilled scallions are especially delicious with it. Grill the sliced squash too, and put it all on the pita slathered with the Romesco. (If the pita isn't too fresh, first brush it with olive oil, a little garlic, s&p and toast it in the oven until light brown. Then put the rest on top.)
Alexandra V. June 25, 2015
Maybe caldo verde with the veg and get some spicy chorizo in with romesco and serve with pita?
Alexa A. June 25, 2015
I've been making daily massaged kale salads (like this one: with my CSA bounty. I've been inundated with greens, so I've also been tossing a few stems in the Vitamix for morning smoothies. This weekend I'm planning to make some kohlrabi fritters for brunch!
ChefJune June 25, 2015
Imho kale needs to be marinated if you're going to eat it raw. Or massaged.
aargersi June 25, 2015
I would grill squashes and romesco with olive oil lemon and salt, and grill the pita too. Then I would put a good schmear of ricotta in the pita and stuff the veggies in there and if I had a tomato I would shove that in there too. Then I would eat it all. With cold pink wine.
mrslarkin June 25, 2015
Kale kohl squash Okonomiyaki with a romesco mayo stuffed into a pita?
Sarah J. June 25, 2015
Please tell me more!!!
mrslarkin June 25, 2015
I just love Midge's Okonomiyaki!! Definitely could see shredding all of your stuff and sticking it in the pancakes.
WenJay Y. June 26, 2015
I love this idea too!!
AntoniaJames June 25, 2015

Put the kale on a pizza, along with a garlicky Italian salume, caramelized onions, fresh herbs, crumbled feta and just a touch of grated Asiago. Chop up the stems and see if they work in the Genius hummus posted yesterday. (If you do, please let us know!)
Quick pickle the kohlrabi along with some jicama, reserving the greens to use in this excellent Masur dal , chopping the stems of the greens and cooking them with the dal.
Use the summer squash in this noteworthy side dish , which I tried last night for the first time and immediately declared a keeper. ;o)
Kristen M. June 25, 2015
AJ, kale stems work in the hummus! I tried both red-stemmed kale and lacinato and they both blended in nicely, with just a tad more texture than the chard stems (unnoticeable when scooped up onto bread). The key is to make sure to boil them until they're very tender.
AntoniaJames June 25, 2015
Great! I bought chard yesterday (unusual on a weekday for me, as I almost exclusively buy produce at the Sunday market) and revised my menu plan for the week so that I can try that hummus sooner. I have stems from at least three bunches of lacinato kale in my freezer, waiting to be put into minestrone or similar rustic soup. I'll use those as well! Thanks so much for the reply here. Cheers. ;o)
Early M. June 25, 2015
Sweet & Sour Kohlrabi Slaw -
Kale pesto to slather on salmon, then grill and summer squash fritters!
alexanderg June 25, 2015
Shave down the Kale and Kohl leaves then slowly saute down (in heavy bottomed pot) the greens with onion and candied ginger and some water or veg stock. Cut the squash into long wedges, toss in oil and salt, then grill (or saute until good color forms, moving infrequently), toss Kohl in paprika, oil, salt, and a heavy amount of black pepper, wrap in foil and place onto grilling coals if possible, otherwise roast in oven. Plate up: greens, Kohl in center, cut into portions depending on number of people eating, add squash as desired.
TheBostonian June 25, 2015
How about a scramble of squash, scallion, egg, and cheese in a pita?
Ali S. June 25, 2015
Could make EmilyC's grilled bread, squash, and broccoli rabe salad (with aquafaba mayo??) and kale instead of rabe (but don't marinade).