What Should We Make with Our CSA?

July  1, 2015

Follow along as Food52's editorial team makes use of our 12-week CSA (and tell us what to do with it!).

Our third delivery from Local Roots' 12-week CSA came! We've got: turnips, summer squash, rainbow chard, and curly kale.

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We know we want to make zucchini butter and roasted turnips with miso butter (our intern Riddley's suggestion), but what else should we do? 

We want to hear your ideas! Share with us in the comments!

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    Sarah Boede
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    Mat Thompson
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Khadija July 23, 2015
Add steamed swiss chard stems to hummus for a creamier result! Or candy them with grapefruit juice and sugar! So good! I love pickling my turnips and adding them in my salads for an extra kick of flavor!
Sarah B. July 5, 2015
I've been chopping my kale & sautéing with chorizo & eggs for tacos - my previously unhealthy breakfast just got kicked up a notch
Mat T. July 2, 2015
I've been grilling my zucchini and other squashes. I always use charcoal briquettes to lend a smoky flavor to them. I usually serve them in hot dog buns, with a light dusting of celery salt, raw onion, mustard and relish. It's my own vegan version of a Chicago Hot Dog.
Catherine J. July 2, 2015
When you pickle the turnips, pickle the Swiss chard stems too!
Katie D. July 2, 2015
I'm one of the farmers that grew that stuff! So neat to see our hard work show up on such an amazing platform.
Definitely pickle the turnips (they are meant for fresh eating, kind of like a mix between a hakurei turnip and a radish) and eat on a taco. Or ferment them in kimchi. And Check out Taproot Farm's recipe for Asiago Walnut Swiss Chard:
mrslarkin July 1, 2015
Definitely roast the turnips in butter!

Fried chard stems a la fried zucchini sticks - My mom made these all the time. Quickly blanch the stems, then flour, egg wash and bread crumbs.

With the quickly-blanched chard leaves, make a summer roll of some kind with an herby rice filling. (You could dice up the stems if you want, too, and stick it in the filling.)

I am so sick of kale make it stop please.
Sara July 1, 2015
my favorite simple kale preparation is to sauté a whole sliced onion in olive oil, add the kale to cook quickly, top with feta and pepper. Eat with crusty bread or put an egg on it. So tasty and easy!
Stacy P. July 1, 2015
I love chard in saag!
Sarah J. July 1, 2015
Wow, cool tip!
Stacy P. July 1, 2015
Turnip greens too! ;)