Our Latest Contest: Your Best Recipe with Melon

July  6, 2015

Our latest contest wants you to use your melon and use it well.


The writer M.F.K. Fisher wrote that an egg might be the most private thing in the world until it's cracked open, but we think melons should share the title. Picking and slicing open a melon is always a little bit of a thrill. Other than the heft and perfumey glow of the thing, there are few clues about what could be inside. Who was the first brave person to crack open an egg? And who was the first brave—and lucky—person to crack open a melon? We're indebted. That's for sure.

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Now that you've cracked that melon open, we want to see what you do with it. Do you like your melon sweet or savory? When you pull out your blender, does a melon become a soup or a cocktail? Or a dessert? Show us your best by submitting your recipes over on our contest page.

Photo by James Ransom

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