5 Ingredients, 5 Campari Cocktails

July 22, 2015

Today: Who needs a fully stocked bar when you can make five Campari cocktails with only five ingredients?

This summer, we want to make—and drink—more cocktails, but we're reasonable: We're not going to fully stock our bar in a flash. And that's okay. With oranges, vermouth, gin, Campari, and club soda hanging around, five different cocktails are within reach. (Okay, there should be ice in your freezer and the tiniest bit of sugar from the back of your pantry, but five drinks from five and a few ingredients is pretty good, huh?) The only way to make this situation easier is if you leave the ingredients out for guests to make their own drinks. Who knows: You might come up with a sixth.

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1. The Serpenti by Merrill Stubbs: Campari, orange, demerara sugar


2. Garibaldi Cocktail by Emiko: Campari and orange


3. Americano by Erik Lombardo: Campari, vermouth, club soda, orange peel


4. Negroni by Erika Kotite: Gin, vermouth, Campari, orange peel


5. Campari Soda: So easy, it doesn't need a recipe. Mix equal parts Campari and club soda in a glass with ice.

Photos by James Ransom and Emiko Davies

Tell us: What's on your list of essential cocktail ingredients? 

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Sharon July 31, 2016
All of these Campari creations are true aperitifs. These bitter-sweet drinks actually DO stimulate your appetite! And they look so pretty, too.
Stan B. August 2, 2015
You missed the best...Negroni Spagliato... Lose the gin
And swap in 2 parts prosecco... FYI the name means
messed up... Wonderfully light, bright and far lower in
Pisanella August 7, 2015
Love Aperol, too, by the way - Aperol Spritz - Aperol topped up with Prosecco and a slice of orange - wonderfully refreshing!