A List of Things We Like This Week

July 17, 2015

Propelled by our obsession with writing lists of things we like, the editors are sharing a few things that brought them joy this week. We won't call it self help, but we encourage you to give it a whirl. You'll smile.

Care to share your list? Add it to the comments or Instagram it with the hashtag #happylist.

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  • amysarah
  • Ali Slagle
    Ali Slagle
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amysarah July 17, 2015
Coconut snow? Do tell, pls - possibly the only delivery medium for coconut I haven't encountered. (Also, Nyquil? Is that a 'thing' now?)
Ali S. July 18, 2015
Coconut Snow is this frozen dessert I can't wait to try (partly because of the name, partly because it sounds really good): https://food52.com/recipes/22115-grilled-stone-fruit-with-coconut-snow

And Nyquil helped Leslie through her week of sickness!