A Genius Dinner that Proves You Can Host Away From Home

August  7, 2015

We’ve partnered with Stella Artois to host Genius Recipes dinners in some of our favorite cities across the country. Today, a behind-the-scenes look at how we entertained in San Francisco.

It's no secret that Genius Recipes inspire us on a daily basis, and when the column's author Kristen shows us a new trick that she's planning to feature, it's often an invitation to think: Oh, hello new dinner party staple.

And because we never shy away from an excuse to throw a party, we held the first Genius Recipes dinner in San Francisco, where we gathered with old and new friends to talk about how dinner parties live their best life. So watch the video to see how the night went, and then head here to read about what we learned, from the most important piece—it's not just the food—to the easiest way to serve a crowd (plus the menu and why we think letting your guests choose the music is better than doing it yourself).

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To learn more about hosting beautifully with Stella Artois, head here, and use the hashtag #hostbeautifully to share photos and tips from your own dinner parties.

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