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Eat Summer Noodles Cold—Like Francis from Cooking with Dog

August  6, 2015


"When it's hot, we lose our appetite," says Francis, the canine star of Cooking with Dog, at the beginning of this video. He's right—but he also has the remedy: thin wheat-flour somen noodles, which are served cold with lots of garnishes, from thinly sliced or grated ginger and scallions to pickled radishes, fresh tomatoes, and tempura. Francis leads us to Funayado, a seasonal restaurant in Tokyo that serves nagashi somen—or "flowing somen," called thus because they slip down a bamboo water slide while you grab at them with your chopsticks. Scoop up garnishes with the noodles and dip each bite in soy sauce.

No bamboo gutter for your noodles to slither down? You can still make a another cold noodle salad.

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Bibi August 16, 2015
The food looks great and I would LOVE to try it, I love this type of food (the dog is a little much though).