6 Ingredients, 5 Gin Drinks

August 19, 2015

Five ingredients that play well with gin (and we're not talking about tonic).

It's hard to see perfect couples break up—sniff sniff Kermit and Miss Piggy—so we understand that it will be hard to separate your gin from your tonic. (The pair has been showing up at parties for as long as we can remember, bringing joy and laughter.) But good can come of this split: If you let gin party down with Champagne, lime, lemon, sugar, and mint, five equally refreshing, herbal drinks are right around the corner. Soon enough, gin might be saying: "Tonic, who?"

1. Cockney Champagne by Ali Slagle
Champagne, lemon juice, simple syrup, gin

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2. Gin Spritz by erinmcdowell
Champagne, gin, lime, mint, sugar


3. French 75 by Erik Lombardo
Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, sparkling wine


4. Gimlet by Erika Kotite
Lime, gin, simple syrup


5. Southside by Erik Lombardo
Gin, lime juice, simple syrup, mint

First two photos by Mark Weinberg; all others by James Ransom.

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Alexander E. August 27, 2015
Great article - but you missed one ingredience which puts the real magic into gin - it's mead! ;)