75 Songs to Make Your Next Dinner Party the Best Yet

August 21, 2015

We’ve partnered with Stella Artois to host Genius Recipes dinners in some of our favorite cities across the country. At each dinner, we're asking guests to share their favorite hosting tips. Today, it’s all about that bass, er, dinner party music.

Menus from our #hostbeautifully dinners in San Francisco and New York City.

Whether you are serving dinner for four or fourteen, planning the meal in advance—amassing the proper ingredients, picking successful recipes, prepping when you can—makes the night that much more enjoyable (see: mingling with an always-full glass of wine as opposed to covered in a flour-covered apron).

In the midst of setting the table and arranging stems and mixing a batched cocktail and lighting candles in the bathroom, and...(you know that feeling), choosing a cohesive, lengthy, and pleasing mix of music isn't normally top of mind. 

We hosted the second #hostbeautifully dinner at our offices in New York City.

Next time, don't touch the record player or pull up a random album on iTunes—we did the heavy liftng for you. Here is the mash-up of our most recent guests' favorite dinner party songs (all 75 were crowd-sourced from our Genius Recipes dinners in New York City and San Francisco). You won't run out of music—even into the wee hours of the night—and your dinner party will be the one everyone's still talking about next week.

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Listen to both New York City's and San Francisco's playlists here, and then pick one for your next night:


First photo by James Ransom, second by Harry Kong

What's your favorite track (or album) for a dinner party? Tell us in the comments below!

To learn more about hosting beautifully with Stella Artois, head here, and use the hashtag #hostbeautifully to share photos and tips from your own dinner parties.

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    Amanda Grey
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I love oysters and unfussy sandwiches.


Kevinb August 8, 2018
come to brasil
Sandra L. January 27, 2018
"The Caravan" (Chocolate soundtrack) Johnny Depp
"Only You" Harry Connick Jr
"Stardust" Willy Nelson
Amanda G. August 10, 2017
Thanks for sharing! Will definitely have them in my playlist! And yes, I'm thinking of throwing a dinner party for a friend who's bound to leave for Australia next week so this list is heaven sent! Good thing I got this app called Spark DJ I downloaded from http://party.dj/OZbn30eg13m which works like a real DJ so I'm sure the party will be a blast!
sally October 27, 2015
Why on earth would anyone want a playlist with commercials???