A Weekend Cookout Menu (and Playlist) That Brings the Heat

We partnered with Food Should Taste Good to share our favorite recipes to pair with your weekend adventures (and a playlist to take along too). Today, it's dips, salads, and more to bring some flare to your cookout. 

If your idea of unwinding is firing up the grill for a cookout, then you're our kind of people. And if you have friends over to partake in this smokin' time, then all the better. While you could slap on some steaks and call it a night, this is a party. It's time to bring the heat, courtesy of our friends Mexico and Spain.

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Start with Arranque Roteño—a hummus-like spread made with breadcrumbs—and coffee-tinged black bean dip. It's also the time to make salsa sans recipeguacamole, and frozen bananas covered in Mexican chocolate ganache. Here's the full menu: 

Every cookout needs music to match the sizzle of the grill, so here's your playlist, upbeat enough to keep the party going but backyard-relaxing friendly: 

Photos by Alpha Smoot and James Ransom 

Food Should Taste Good Guacamole chips are made with avocados and serrano peppers, and their Jalapeño chips are made with jalapeños and crushed red pepper (both make a good companion to this black bean dip). We're packing them up for all of our weekend adventures, so see all of their tortilla chips here.

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