Erin McDowell's List of Things She Likes This Week

August 14, 2015

Propelled by our obsession with writing lists of things we like, our community is sharing a few things that brought them joy this week. We won't call it self help, but we encourage you to give it a whirl. You'll smile.

What made you happy this week? Add it to the comments or Instagram it with the hashtag #happylist.

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SusanR August 14, 2015
I did this on my Facebook and asked people to add to my list. I am going to do it each Friday. #happylist
Bella B. August 14, 2015
Polariod placecards is a fabulous idea!<br /><br />xoxoBella |
Olivia B. August 14, 2015
Board games via skype! Must try.
Kenzi W. August 14, 2015