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5 Chicken Pastas to Memorize for Weeknights

August 27, 2015

There are 3 million chicken recipes on the internet. We're here to show you the good ones. Win, win.

Today: The secret to a satisfying weeknight meal? Protein and carbs.

Some nights we want a bright, fruit-spiked salad, other nights we crave a huge, hearty spread, but most nights we want lotsa pasta—something that's quick, simple to prepare, and so satisfying you would never know it took you thirty minutes. Add some chicken to the mix and you have yourself a square meal (that still fits in a bowl). Here are 5 chicken pastas to sate any weeknight craving you have—from nutmeg-spiced hakka noodles to classic penne with meatballs:

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Classic Chicken Piccata by Linda Johnson



Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan Soup by foxeslovelemons


Chicken Sausage Meatball and Broccoli Pasta Bowl by inpatskitchen


Penne with Chicken, Chorizo, and Chile by From the Kitchen


Jerk-Spiced Chicken Hakka Noodles by Shalini Singh @ Shalini's Kitchen

Is there an undiscovered Food52 chicken recipe you love? Send us a paragraph or two at [email protected] about why you love it, and it could be next week's Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.

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  • Eve Lunt
    Eve Lunt
  • cookndude
  • Lee
  • Wendy
  • Toni Erskine
    Toni Erskine
I eat everything.


Eve L. October 29, 2015
Can't wait to try these NOODLE ????recipes. They all look super easy and delicious. I for one love it when cultures mix in a dish.
cookndude October 27, 2015
OK kids....they are just recipes for your inspection and use if you feel so compelled. Let's all simmer down (see how I did that?...used a cooking term?).I never make a recipe as written because there are certain elements in some recipes that my victims do not like.

Adaptability is the key.

OK...now back to snarking...
Lee October 26, 2015
I think Italians are more likely to pair vegetables with pasta...spaghetti marinanra, cavatelli and broccoli, pasta e fagoli...
Wendy October 26, 2015
These recipes look wonderful! I always pair pasta and chicken on the same plate, I don't really understand why one wouldn't, thank you for sharing.
Toni E. October 26, 2015
Wow! Seems a little early in the day for snarky! All the recipes look wonderful by the way.
Sabrina D. October 26, 2015
should I wait for later in the day to have an opinion?
Kent T. October 26, 2015
No, next week is fine. Not clear where these recipes claim to be italian.
Sabrina D. October 26, 2015
The main ingredient is pasta and last I checked it's an Italian staple food.
Irene October 26, 2015
But noodles are as much Asian as Italian.
Sabrina D. October 26, 2015
but the noodles here are not Asian except for perhaps the last dish - most are in fact Italian; penne and spaghetti.
Sabrina D. October 26, 2015
What's up with pairing pasta and chicken in the same plate; in the most non-italian way possible? Do us a favour and select other forms of noodles and don't disgrace the "pasta" by adding whatever just to make a meal.
Leslie S. October 26, 2015
Most of the recipes are not Italian at all—but they're all delicious!
Sabrina D. October 26, 2015
@LeslieStephens - it's clear they are not Italian but PASTA is.
CJ F. October 26, 2015
I agree with you. In America though pasta is sometimes used as a filler ingredient as mundane as that sounds.