Have Your Citrus—and Put It in These 4-ingredient (or Fewer) Cocktails

October 30, 2015

Since we’re gin people, we’re making classic cocktails (and riffing off them) with Tanqueray No. TENToday: The illustration that'll solve all your gin drinking needs. 

What do a London Buck, Bee's Knees, and Gimlet have in common? While, "They're cocktails!" would be correct, the answer we're looking for is citrus. Whether it's lemon, orange, or lime juice, or a twist, a peel, or bitterscitrus adds that zest (both literally and not) to your gin drink. What's even better is when said cocktails are made with 4 ingredients or fewer (like below), meaning your bar can always be kept to a minimum, even when stocked.

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Download a PDF with all the drink recipes here—and then make, shake, and pour 'em (serving two, as these do, or scaled up for a party). It's the slice—no, drink—of life. 

Illustration by Libby van der Ploeg

We've partnered with Tanqueray No. TEN to bring classic cocktails (and new interpretations of them) to your home bar. Please enjoy responsibly.

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