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Here's the Best Thing Our Director of PR & Events Cooked This Weekend

November  2, 2015

We get asked all the time: What do you cook at home? Here's some inspiration from the Food52 team. Here's a little inspiration from Haley Sonneland, our director of PR and events:

My typical Sunday involves a lot of cooking. My new, longer commute to and from work means I get home later, and I like to use Sunday to prep for the week. But sometimes we fill our house with friends and family for a full day of football watching, and then next thing I know, it's 8 PM, and there's no dinner in sight.

Haley Sonneland

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After eating a lot of great (read: heavy) football food, all I could think about for dinner was a plate full of vegetables. I took peppers, onions, snow peas, and some leftover broccoli and mushrooms from Saturday's dinner from the fridge to use as the base for a quick stir-fry. I thought the mix needed something orange for color, but we only had baby carrots—so they just went in whole, for better or worse! Chopped garlic and ginger also found their way into the wok. And halfway into whipping up a honey-Sriracha-lime juice sauce, I realized we had no lime juice, so I used lemon juice instead. 

I like to always have some grains in the fridge, whether it be quinoa or barley or rice—I tend to pack them for lunch—but tonight I used our fridge rice for this stir-fry (and was thankful I didn't need to wait 45 minutes for it to cook!). Some peanuts, a dash of tamari, a handful of peanuts, and a little more Sriracha capped off the meal. 

Photo by Haley Sonneland

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