What on Earth Should We Do with So Much Celery?

November 19, 2015

In yesterday's Local Roots CSA, we got a whole lot of celery (and a very tiny squash, a beautiful bunch o' collard greens, and four parsnips).

We know what to do with collards and parsnips (I want to make this parsnip gratin from David Tanis), but now our question is: What should we do with 2 bunches of celery (not to mention all of those celery leaves)? Most recipes only call for a stalk or two. 

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And although we know how to revive it when it wilts, we'd like to use it all—and soon.

Share your favorite celery-heavy recipes in the comments below!

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    Kelli Heidtmann
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    Tasha Langford
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    David Nurbin
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I used to work at Food52. I'm probably the person who picked all of the cookie dough out of the cookie dough ice cream.


Kelli H. November 24, 2015
make stock now or freeze the celery for stock later
Tasha L. November 21, 2015
I made this morning celery and apple soup by frying two onions and garlic then steaming 1kg of celery,two cooking apples and 1 big potato in a saucepan with seasoning and the lid on for 15 minutes.added 1400ml of stock and cook for 15 mins more before blending - lovely!
David N. November 20, 2015
This time of year? A trick I learned from one of my culinary school professors was to use celery, carrots, and onions as a bed for roasting meats. Works great with Roast Beef, Chicken, and Turkey. Celery gives of a floral note when you roast it.... After roasting under the bird, it goes straight into your gravy.
Valhalla November 20, 2015
Another good salad is celery leaves, mushrooms, and parmesan. The leaves freeze really well.
Aliwaks November 20, 2015
I made a great celery salad the other day, it was one of those necessity is the mother of invention kind of things... the recipe is on my blog
M.McAwesome November 19, 2015
Definitely make Marcella's braised celery and Jane Grigson's celery soup. Both are on this site and both are life changing. I didn't know celery could taste so good.
Jadyn D. November 19, 2015
From "Cook This Now" by Melissa Clark: Celery Salad with Walnuts and Parmesan: thinly sliced celery, salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon juice or vinegar, shaved hard cheese and toasted walnuts. Awesome
Sarah J. November 19, 2015
Jadyn D. November 20, 2015
I sometimes throw in chopped dates as well!
Jennifer November 19, 2015
First, the celery leaves: Mince handfuls and use instead of parsley. In everything. Second, whatever you do with the celery, save enough to use in the stock you'll make the day after T'giving (from a turkey carcass and whatever other poultry bits you can muster).
ShannonConnealy November 19, 2015
Juice it! 3 stalks celery, 2 leafs kale, handful of romaine, 2 handfuls spinach, 1/2 a bunch of parsley, 1 inch ginger, juice of one lemon and half an apple in a Breville Juicer. Yum, plus good hangover cure.
Ali S. November 19, 2015
I recently found this recipe for fried pickled celery and, obviously, want to try it:
Nozlee S. November 19, 2015
omg, RUN don't walk to the spicy celery salad in the new Lucky Peach cookbook!!
Riddley G. November 20, 2015
i second this!
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 19, 2015
Check out your past Food52 Contest for Celery. Lots of recipes!
Emily November 19, 2015
There are many excellent recipes for celery and celery leaves in Bitter by Jennifer McLagan. I would start with roasted celery- so good! And a nice salad of celery leaves, arugula, and citrus.
drbabs November 19, 2015
Make tabouli!
drbabs November 19, 2015
Also, Sarah, I have a lot of celery, too, so I just made a riff on Amanda's M. Wells brussels sprouts salad, only I roasted the brussels sprouts (cut in half with olive oil and salt), so the salad is warm. I used the celery leaves instead of the arugula, and left out the speck because I don't have any.
Heather |. November 19, 2015
fuchsia dunlop's sichuanese celery and beef!
kitkat November 19, 2015
also re: the marcella hazan recipe, I throw in the celery leaves as well. (If it's a bunch of leaves, I might reserve some for when I make soup stock.)
kitkat November 19, 2015
marcella hazan always has the answer!
Niknud November 19, 2015
For sure use the leaves for homemade ranch dressing!
Sarah J. November 19, 2015
YUM yes please!
Ali W. November 19, 2015
See below comment: I usually just use up a whole celery bunch and omit the carrots.
Jessica H. November 19, 2015
Celery soup! My go to winter soup.