A Haiku or Two, on Coffee

November 21, 2015

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats.

O, coffee! Photo by James Ransom

Amanda S.:
Bitter black tar drink,
I wish we'd never met—but
yes, I'll have a cup.

It's just not working;
your dark brews, the sleepless nights.
It's not you—it's tea.

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    Kathy K
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    Liam Fallon
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Kathy K. October 17, 2022
Coffee Haiku
Morning coffee time!
Grind beans, boil water, French press
Wait four minutes, bliss.
Dawn November 27, 2015
just the smell of you
intoxicating lover
hot, dark and steamy
Maedl November 23, 2015
Three Haikus on Coffee

Sips of morning's joe
Eyes open and drinking in
Marmelade-hued dawn.

Day ahead, what now?
Coffee, please, steaming, hot, strong.
Wake up, world, new day!

White and blue striped cup
Black liquid, foaming white peaks
Sips of simple joy
Liam F. November 22, 2015
my heart beats faster
i'm short of breath - is it love?
or is it caffeine