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Would You Rather: Eat Aspic or Cold Gravy at Thanksgiving? (& Other Hard Questions)

November 24, 2015

Both the best and boringest Thanksgivings can benefit from some game time. It's a way to keep Grandma from asking you when you're going to get married—and keep the kids from sticking their fingers in the pumpkin pie.

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So, we present Would You Rather, Thanksgiving Edition—mostly suitable for all ages and only a little bit cynical. Play it with your family, or alone, and we wouldn't be upset if you shared your answers and reasonings in the comments.

Would You Rather....

  • Sit next to the most boring or most annoying person?
  • Only be able to talk like a turkey or eat turkey?
  • Sit next to the one who eats off your plate or who doesn't really like Thanksgiving food?
  • Miss dinner or be really, really early?
  • Have a dry Thanksgiving or a dry stuffing?
  • Grocery shop on Thanksgiving day or tear out your eyebrows?
  • Eat cranberries from a can or mashed potatoes from a box?
  • Get pied in the face with aspic or cold gelatinous gravy?
  • Sit at the adults table or sit by yourself?
  • Talk about the weather or gluten-free diets?
  • Watch football or the parade all day long?
  • Eat overdone or underdone turkey meat?
  • Do jello shots or gravy shots with Auntie Lou?
  • Eat Thanksgiving for every day for the rest of your life or never have Thanksgiving again?
  • Do a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle with Grandpa or your three-year-old cousin?
  • Eat without forks or plates?
  • Have no one to help or every person in the kitchen?
  • Eat pie with a soggy crust or a tough top?
  • Wear a body-con dress or a sumo wrestling costume that you can't sit in?

Make your arguments in the comments!

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nomnomMKE November 25, 2015
Gravy shots! I mean, some of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes are really just vehicles for gravy anyway. :)
Shelley M. November 24, 2015

At least the parade doesn't go on all day and into the night.