Travel Around the World with 46 Cookie Recipes (Cheaper than Airfare)

December  6, 2015

There are bar crawls and taco crawls and even cupcake crawls, so why not cookie crawls? Why not cookie crawls around the world?

We've taken that sugar-drunk fantasy and made it a reality (a virtual reality, at least). Using our Cookies of the World map, illustrated by Jordan Sondler and populated with kooky, classic, and addictive recipes from our staff, friends, and community members, you can country hop, cookie-style.

Click on the illustration (or on the legend below it) to find the story behind each recipe. Then, throw a globally-inspired party and make Filipino Polv├│ron, Nigerian Chin Chin, and British brandy snaps (all pictured right here!).

This year's holiday cookie tin just got 46 times more exciting.

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Sumi A. July 11, 2020
PPopgi - South Korea
Chocolate Chip Cookies - United States
Oh and you forgot the almighty Girl Scout cookies!
Chantal F. December 21, 2015
So great to discover The World with a new view.
Can't wait to start. Thank-you so very much!
angeland8 December 16, 2015
Syria is in Russia now? Alright then.
nykavi December 15, 2015
India represented! Kukuls from Goa reign supreme at Christmas time
creamtea December 6, 2015
Unfortunately the link doesn't work for me. Takes me to Gmail.
creamtea December 6, 2015
ok, working now.
Catherine L. December 5, 2015
Sumayya U. December 5, 2015
Sad not to see the Indian / Pakistan sub continent!
Sumayya U. December 5, 2015
Sorry. Saw laddos but they wouldn't be cookies as such. In Pakistan we have two really popular baked cookies that would have been wonderful to share! Next time!!
Sarah J. December 5, 2015
Please add the recipes to our community map!
Sumayya U. December 6, 2015
Will do this week asap!!
cookinginvictoria December 4, 2015
Love this -- and am happy to see Canada featured with the Nanaimo Bar, one of my all-time favorite cookies. But can I ask you to correct the map? It lists the cookie as being from the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, which is not correct. The cookie hails from the city of Nanaimo, which is on Vancouver Island. (I realize that is a little confusing.) Thanks!
Sarah J. December 7, 2015
We updated it! Thank you for letting us know!
cookinginvictoria December 7, 2015
Thank you Sarah!
Alex W. December 4, 2015
"If people would only look to the cookie, all our problems would be solved."