What's on our Editors' Holiday Wishlists (& Why They Think They Deserve Presents)

December  7, 2015

You should see Food52ers at the Holiday Market: We're supposed to be "working" and instead we're wandering around the store, touching everything, plotting who we're getting what, and thinking about how much we can reasonably buy for ourselves.

One for me, one for you. Photo by Alyssa Ringler

Needless to say, our wishlists are long, so we narrowed it down. We editors asked ourselves what one thing we want most from the shop—the thing we love so much that if five people gifted it to us after reading this post, we wouldn't be upset.

Here's what the Food52 editors are asking for this year, what they will do with their gift if received, and why they think they deserve it:

Partnerships Editor Sam Weiss-Hills wants the Erby Ceramic Serving Bowl:

  • Why she deserves it: I know I really want something when I have to hold back from picking it up every time I walk by it!
  • What she will do with it: I'd try to reserve it for serving at dinner parties, but I'd probably end up trying to eat every meal directly out of it.

Design and Home Editor Amanda Sims has her eyes on this Dish Brush (she is very practical):

  • Why she deserves it: I deserve this scrubber brush because my Dutch oven deserves better than to be wiped down with a soggy paper towel.
  • What she will do with it: I will use it to clean saucepans and tumblers and maybe also the bathroom sink. I might brush my hair with it when it's dry!

Assistant Editor Caroline Lange votes for the Brass Money Clip:

  • Why she deserves it: I deserve this money clip because a) who doesn't like to be a little fancy sometimes, and b) I'd be a lot more efficient if I weren't shuffling through a messy wallet every day.
  • What she will do with it: Achieve organizational bliss at last—or at least look good trying.

Creative Director Kristen Miglore is crossing fingers for the Baker's Dozen Wooden Spoons:

  • Why she deserves them: Because my old wooden spoons are cracked and faded—I guess I must cook a lot!
  • What she will do with them: I will try to love them all equally.

Contributors Editor Sarah Jampel is wishing for some Porcelain Ball Jar Cups:

  • Why she deserves them: Because I found some pretty wooden shelves on the street (!), but I'm still working on decorating them.
  • What she will do with them: When I'm not drinking from it (wine, water, who will see the difference?), I'll use it to store pie weights or coffee beans or almond milk or to hold flowers and succulents.

Assistant Editor Leslie Stephens is eyeing the Marble & Copper Serving Board:

  • Why she deserves it: I definitely don't deserve this marble board, but I want it.
  • What she will do with it: To dress my place up a bit, I'd set it out on my butcher block with one of my other favorite Hawkins New York products, the Hudson candle. Or I'd hand it over to my boyfriend so he could roll out dough to make pie. Can I still have it, though?

Associate Editor Ali Slagle picked the hand-thrown mugs we designed with Jono Pandolfi:

  • Why I deserve it: I deserve this mug because it's for the good of the company: I keep stealing the one from the prop closet.
  • What I will do with it: I will hold it really close to my face: Just the right number of fingers fits under the handle to be able to cradle this mug near.

Managing Editor Kenzi Wilbur wants a Wool Blend Alpine Throw:

  • Why she deserves it: I deserve this blanket because I work really hard and sometimes I get cold.
  • What she will do with it: I will roll myself up like an enchilada (more accurate than a burrito, honestly, because who ever folds in the feet?) and watch many, many movies. I will be careful not to swaddle myself so much that I can't reach for the popcorn.

We're listening! What's on your wishlist this year?

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Hannah W. December 7, 2015
You are all my favorite people.
Katherine O. December 7, 2015
Haha! Points to Leslie for being super honest.