8 Jazzed-Up Latkes (Not that Latkes Need Jazzing)

December  9, 2015

It's pretty tough to get tired of the hardworking, decadent, crispy-creamy latke, but by the fourth night of Hanukkah, we understand if you are. But don't toss your fry oil just yet: Make one of these 8 latke riffs—and don't forget the side of sour cream.

If you have everything in your pantry but Russet potatoes:

Sweet Potato Parsnip Latkes with Feta and Leeks by deensiebat

Photo by James Ransom

If you think salt-and-vinegar potato chips > latkes:

Scallion Potato Pancakes with Vinegar Cream by Silly Apron

Photo by Mark Weinberg

If you'd really just prefer a baked sweet potato:

Orna & Ella's Sweet Potato Pancakes by jonaz

Photo by jonaz

If you turn up your nose at a limp latke:

Golden Panko Latkes with Sour Cream and Chives by miki barzilay

Photo by James Ransom

If you love surprises:

Persimmon Latkes by QueenSashy

Photo by James Ransom

If the rest of the dinner table is beige:

Beet and Carrot Fritters by Food52

Photo by James Ransom

If you only want to fry one thing and one thing only:

Potato Rösti by Alexandra Stafford

Photo by Alexandra Stafford

If nothing's complete without a tour through the spice cabinet:

Variegated Spiced Latkes by Sagegreen

Photo by James Ransom

What, in your opinion, makes the perfect latke? And what do you top it with? Tell us in the comments.

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bookjunky December 9, 2015
I just made latkes on Sunday. Plain potato and onion for the boys -- such traditionalists -- and sweet potato, carrot and onion, with moroccan spices, for me. I ate mine with leftover cranberry sauce and they were divine.