20 Spiffy Essentials for New Year's Eve


20 Spiffy Essentials for New Year's Eve

December 15, 2015

"As today, so the rest of the year." That's what they say about New Year's, and there's no better reason to make the first moments of 2016 (and the last moments of 2015) beautiful and fun and a sparkly and good, even if you're staying in (like I plan to).

Here are some of our favorite pieces from our Shop that will lend a little shimmer to any New Year's Eve party—and many of which that will keep making you smile well into 2016.

For the room:

For the bar cart:

For the snacks:

For the toast:

For the shenanigans:

Do you have any New Year's Eve traditions? Share them in the comments.

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Am9 December 22, 2020
Well someone must have been drunk while putting this page together... Makes it kind of difficult to buy any of these things..