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16 New Year's Eve Party Essentials From the Food52 Shop

Add some extra shimmer to your celebrations with these editor-approved picks.

December 16, 2022
Photo by James Ransom

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The new year is quickly approaching, which is enough to make any New Year's Eve party host start sweating. To-do lists for party planning can quickly pile up, replacing the fun of celebrating with friends and family with the stress that you're forgetting something.

To make things a little easier, here are 16 of our favorite pieces from our Shop that will lend a little shimmer to any New Year's Eve party and help you ring in 2023 with ease.

For the bar cart

Any party is an opportunity to stock your bar, especially one revolving around a midnight toast. Whether you're looking for a spicy syrup to add some kick to the cocktails or a tool that can age any glass of wine years in just seconds (yes, you read that right), we've got you covered.

Liz Fodera, the Senior Director on our Buying Team, considers the Clef du Vin Wine Aging Tool to be a fun addition to any party where wine is flowing. "Developed by a sommelier, this genius wine 'pen' is a staple to age wines that were opened too early or for any wine collector to open up one bottle to test out the optimal year for opening the rest," she says. "Just dip: one second = one year! Also, it does wonders for the less-than-stellar bottle."

For the Snack Table

Planning out the food spread? Anabelle Doliner, an Editorial and Production Assistant, suggests having some Jasper Hill cheese on hand. "These cheeses are simply so good," she says. "My favorite is the Harbison, which has a festive vibe (similar to brie) but with a way more complex, funky flavor." If you're feeling very fancy, a selection of caviar and potato chips are always a good idea.

For the Toast

The most important moment of the evening is undeniably those seconds counting down to the ball drop. Searching for the right glasses or a saber that makes speedy work of even the toughest champagne cork? Look no further.

Isabel Montes, a Video Editor on our Social Team, loves the hand-blown Estelle coupe glasses for any cocktail or bubbly toast. "As I've graduated into my late 20s my newest obsession is making and styling extravagant cocktails," she says. "These colorful glasses make any cocktail shine and have been my go-to extra dirty martini vessel."

For the Kids' Corner

If your party will have kids on its guest list (or adults who love a little competition), you'll want to be stocked with fun ways for them to count down to midnight—or bedtime.

Betsie Wilson, a Senior Lead on our Paid Social Team, got this deluxe Scrabble board for Christmas last year and now it's a staple on her coffee table during winter months. "First off, the built-in lazy Susan is an absolute game-changer; the game is (perhaps unsurprisingly) much more enjoyable when everyone can read the words upright," she says. "I also love having activities prepared for parties and this scrabble board is both so easy to set up and is so aesthetically pleasing that it actually elevates my holiday decor."

Do you have any New Year's Eve traditions? Share them in the comments.

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Am9 December 22, 2020
Well someone must have been drunk while putting this page together... Makes it kind of difficult to buy any of these things..