New Year's Eve

Make These Meals Ahead, and Never Wonder What's for Dinner Again

December 15, 2015

It's that time where we're beginning to reflect on the past year and look forward to the year ahead—a round, friendly-sounding 2016. And, having already realized that the easiest way to eat healthfully is to cook at home, we know that cooking more, and eating more home-cooked food, is a very worthy resolution. But to make this possible, we have to prepare meals ahead. (It's not practical to think that we'll cook something new every night—plus, where do lunches come from if not leftovers?)

Here are some of the feel-good, make-ahead meals we resolve to make more of in the new year:

Just add grains (or pasta):

Easy to repurpose:

Pack it for tomorrow's lunch:

What's your very favorite, never-fails make-ahead dish? Share your weeknight dinner strategies in the comments!

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Johnnie B. December 17, 2015
They all look delish! Can't wait to try some of these recipes.
Fairmount_market December 15, 2015
Make ahead and freeze aliquots of caramelized onions for weekday meals of mujaddara:
Caroline L. December 16, 2015
ooooh, good tip!
mela December 30, 2015
Thanks for posting!