11 Last-Minute Appetizers to Feed Your Last Minute Guests

December 22, 2015

It is a truth universally acknowledged that, in the days preceding and following the holidays, as you're bumming around the house in your Christmas jammies, someone will drop by for an unannounced, extended hello, catching you completely off-guard (though perhaps we all should have known, since this happens every year).

This year, be the wiser: Stock your fridge and pantry well, and you'll be able to feed these last-minute appetizers to your drop-in holiday guests—whoever they are, whenever they arrive. (Permission to stay in your Christmas jammies granted.)

What's your back-pocket, secret-weapon appetizer of choice? Tell us in the comments.

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Ruthan January 12, 2016
Fancy cheese, slice and bake crackers, and some dried figs simmered with port and turbinado sugar.
Laura S. January 10, 2016
Homemade Hummus with Naan (Hummus can be whipped up in a jiffy and I always have Whole Foods Naan in the freezer); Marcona Almonds heated with a bit of Walnut oil, rosemary and sea salt; olive tapenade from Trader Joe's; a variety of great cheeses paired with Trader Joe's Fig Butter; Pub Cheese with Horseradish; Carmelized pearl onions (hot or cold); plenty of crackers.
Tony February 1, 2016
Sounds wonderful