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Our 9 Favorite Design Trends from 2015

January  1, 2016

With a butcher-block countertop and subway-tiled walls, the office space we moved into in February staked claim to certain interior design trends that really spoke to us. (Lots of natural light, white waxed wooden floors, and rustic open shelving were some others.) Throughout the year, we picked up a few more good ideas by way of product reviews (when we vet the new home goods that are launching in our Shop, tips from great design minds, and simply by keeping our eyes peeled all the time.

Just as with food, not every trend has a place in our lives. But certain popular opinions are too ingenious to ignore (namely, when a tradition breaks out of its mold and into a new light)—these are our favorite design trends of the year.

Open Shelves

Photo by Mark Weinberg

True, they require a lot more dusting than traditional cabinets, but we can't get enough of the minimalist idea that your dishes can actually be the main decorating force in your kitchen—and that the same goes for all your other rooms.

Colorful Kitchens

From coppery cabinets to inky, sun-dappled rooms, some of our favorite kitchen designs this year branched out from all white and captured our hearts on the way.

All the White Marble

Photo by Mark Weinberg

Not every countertop is destined for a Carrara topper, which is why we sell a slab of the good stuff for setting out on your granite, or your bar cart, or right on the table as a cheese plate.

Gallery-Style Clusters

Photo by Rocky Luten

Whether you're arranging a cluster of framed artworks or just objects you love, the amorphous cloud of things on the wall is our favorite way to embrace irregularity in the home.

The Layered Look

From rugs on rugs to pattern on pattern, we're all for the theory that more is just that when decorating—and that so long as you keep an eye on it, clashing is a problem of the past.


Photo by Bobbi Lin

We might have mentioned this, but 2015 was the year that pale, blushing pinks became our new go-to neutrals. (If you're not convinced yet, start by sneaking in a few rosy throw pillows.)

DIY Furniture

From knitting together a pouf or topping a basket with a piece of glass to make it a side table, some of our favorite pieces of furniture were made from scratch.

Retro as Modern

Photo by Bobbi Lin

From mid-century accents to jadeite and crocheted pillows, distinguishing your home with a nostalgic touch is one of our favorite ways to celebrate the times design was spot-on the first time.

Tile Everywhere

Photo by Mariko Reed

No longer relegated to the sliver of wall space between counter and cabinets, tile is finding its way into parts of the home we never expected—and in colors and shapes that are hard to believe.

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