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TV Dinners, Or What to Eat Until Your Favorite Shows Return

December 30, 2015

Stomping around the house in your festive pajama set waiting your favorite TV shows to come back in January (and February and March—ugh)? To keep your television cravings at bay, here's what to eat and drink until your favorite shows start up again.


Returns: January 6

Last year's holiday episode had a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duke it out for Christmas dinner supremacy. Turns out, one of them had a little help...

Bob's Burgers

Returns: January 10

Shop the Story

This animated series is well-known for its breakout feminist icon—but let us not forget its namesake establishment and the rival restaurant across the way, Jimmy Pesto's.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Returns: January 5

Though Boyle may be known for his sophisticated palate, the gang at the nine-nine gets by just fine on coffee and doughnuts.


Returns: March 30 (sorry!)

Cookie + Champagne = Everything

Fresh Off the Boat

Returns: February 2

The Huang family's struggle to balance a Taiwanese-U.S. American identity was best illustrated by mom's home cooking versus mac and cheese (with bacon bits!).


Returns: January 12

If craving brains weren't a bad enough side-effect of zombie-hood, they also seem to experience taste bud-death. Pro tip: Start stocking up on hot sauce before the zombie apocalypse.

Jane the Virgin

Returns: January 25

Jane loves grilled cheese sandwiches, but she loves immaculately conceived little Mateo (Gloriano Rogelio Solano Villanueva) even more.

Modern Family

Returns: January 6

The Pritchett/Delgado/Tucker/Dunphy clan keeps growing, and every season seems to bring one more mouth to feed—including little Frenchie Stella. I mean, STELLA!


Returns: February 11

SO MUCH DRAMA. It just makes you want to pack up, move to Vermont, and make jam. Wine jam.


Returns: January 20

Dean and Sam have pretty much been living off diner food their whole lives... or at least for the last 11 seasons. Our thoughts are with their cholesterol levels.

What's on your TV watch list for 2016? Let us know what you'll be watching (and the goodies you'll be pairing them with)!

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Niknud December 30, 2015
Can we add Outlander to the list please? With maybe some scotch and something cooling to drink that I can press to my cheeks when I get overwhelmed by the view of so many fine, brawny men in kilts?
Gabi B. December 30, 2015
Confession: I have not watched Outlander. I also *just* found out that Outland and Highlander are, in fact, two very different things (except for the part about Scottish babes).
Stephanie December 30, 2015
Downton Abbey! Scones and lemon curd. And tea, of course.