Why Chicken Porridge is the New Chicken Noodle Soup

January 21, 2016

Who hasn't made a bowl of chicken soup, only to eat around the chicken and get to the good stuff, the chicken broth-saturated noodles and rice?

In Jacqui MacKenzie's Filipino Chicken Porridge, this starchy goodness is the main event. The boneless chicken thighs are cooked into the rice with chicken broth until they're fall-apart tender and completely integrated into the dish. If you're craving some texture, add fried garlic and green onions on top—or don't. The end result is a simple, eat-with-one-hand-able dish that's comforting in the way only mushy, beige things can be.

What's your favorite cold weather chicken dish? Do you also crave Filipino food? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Millicent
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    Cassie Jeyne
  • SandyTrails
I eat everything.


Mary-Ann September 13, 2020
This is comfort food on a cold day!
Millicent January 23, 2016
Looks great, much like stuff I ate in the PH and continue to recreate. 2 tb fish sauce seems like a lot for some though
Cassie J. January 23, 2016
Yes, i don't think the fish sauce is necessary. It can be (optional). Salt would suffice.
SandyTrails January 23, 2016
Would Soy sauce be a substitute for fish sauce for the saltiness? or should I just add salt?
mcs3000 January 22, 2016
YES! A fav. Can't wait to try your recipe.