Curried Lentil Dip

January  7, 2011

See A&M make safenervine's spiced and coconut-laced Curried Lentil Dip (which we think doubles as an excellent soup or side).

This week's videos were once again shot and edited by filmmaker Elena Parker. For more lentil inspiration, go here.

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SweetPotatoSoul February 28, 2011
Yummy! I love how you froze the coconut milk to use the "butter", I'm going to add that to my toolbox.
I recently made a raw red lentil hummus for friends (it's on my blog). I think red lentil dips are my favorite, both cooked and raw versions.
Anitalectric February 1, 2011
I love coconut butter as an ingredient. Thank you for the freezer idea. I have used it in baked goods but have never thought to use it in cooking in place of lard or butter. Also, I have seen people dry fry whole spices but never seen ground spices cooked like that. It looks so flavorful! Thanks for the recipe. Yum.
debbie_simon January 23, 2011
didn't know about the coconut milk / fat issue. thanks!
debbie_simon January 23, 2011
this looks perfect for a cold january sunday. we are using this as a side dish .. yum