30 Romantic Food Puns That'll Warm Your (Candy) Heart

This is a note I wrote to my boyfriend:

Please buy me cheese for Valentine's Day. I did not accidentally type "cheese" and actually mean "flowers." If you do get me cheese, please include some sort of pun-centric card. A wedge of Parmesan without a note like "You're grate" or "I think you're whey cool" would be a missed opportunity.

And why puns, you ask? Well, there's that colloquialism about the way to a man's (ahem, or woman's) heart being through the stomach, but puns with food are better. It's wit and romance! Let me tell you, nothing—except maybe cheese—says l-o-v-e like clever wordplay.

Here are 30 romantic food puns (and recipes) for your valentine:

You've got a pizza my heart.

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I loaf you.

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“My entire food blog is devoted to food puns, and this list is awesome. Happy Valentine's Day weekend! ”
— Abbey |.

All you knead is love.

I want to taco 'bout how amazing you are.

You make miso happy.

We're a matcha made in heaven.

You're my butter half.

Let's avocuddle.

You're my soymate.

Udon know how much I love you.

I cannot espresso how much you mean to me.

You make my heart beet faster.

You're all that and dim sum.

I only have fries for you.

We're a perfect pear.

Olive you.

You're a cutecumber.

Brie mine?

We go really gouda together.

Hugs and quiches.

We won't ever lettuce go.

Where have you bean all my life?

You're always bacon me happy.

You turn me naan.

You're appeeling to me.

I love you a latte.

The quinoa my heart.

Never gonna let you gyoza.

I think you're souper.

It's im-pasta-ble not to love you.

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I fall in love with every sandwich I ever meet.


SusanIrene February 5, 2024
If you carrot all for me you'll read this list of food puns to the butter end. In case of a Taco emergency, dial nine-Juan-Juan.
Charles R. March 24, 2016
This is great. Sharing!!!
PunderWoman is a pretty good one I follow... this is one you might like: http://captionable.com/user/PdffkU2Koi/challenge/8He3zPct0x
catherine M. February 16, 2016
this is awesome
vvvanessa February 13, 2016
You're my jam.
vvvanessa February 13, 2016
Amazing list, by the way!
Emily B. February 12, 2016
You're such a fungi!
Ayna L. February 12, 2016
You've won my tart?
Abbey |. February 12, 2016
You forgot "I donut know what I'd do without you!" My entire food blog is devoted to food puns, and this list is awesome. Happy Valentine's Day weekend!
Leslie S. February 12, 2016
damn you're good