Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Dumplings

February  4, 2016

Food holds a world of meaning at the Lunar New Year (February 8th this year!): Eating an entire fish will bring you a prosperous life from start to finish, rice cakes are good luck if you want to move up in a job (or in height), and dumplings, served arranged in lines, imply a life that's moving forward.

Molly Yeh makes these dumplings every year for her family's Chrismakkuh celebration, but we'll take any excuse to eat gingery, umami-packed bundles of joy dumplings. Though we're not sure we can wait 'til Monday to enjoy these little fellas:

Will you also be making these tonight? Can you hardly wait to get your hands on these pot-sticking chicken wonders? Tell us in the comments below!

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Brett S. February 6, 2016
What ingredients provide the umami, because I think you're making that part up.
Connor B. February 5, 2016
Bless you, Leslie.