A Haiku or Two, on Ingredients We Love

February  6, 2016

Our thoughts on food and cooking
in seventeen beats.

malt powder: magic
that exists not just in milk
shakes, but at the store (!!!!).

Sarah D.:
Raisins! Do you know?
They are the perfect counter
to so many notes

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Write a little ode to your favorite, perhaps under-appreciated, ingredients in the comments.


Bill M. February 20, 2016
grilled cheese with bacon<br />both sides buttered and pan-fried<br />self-indulgent bliss
briteideas February 9, 2016
Extraordinary,<br />Great oaken burried treasures.<br />Truffles are truly these.
Sauertea February 7, 2016
Cane syrup from Steens!<br />Even more than molasses<br />Sweet and light always
Coco E. February 7, 2016
anchovies galore<br />fry them up all crisp and brown<br />underutilized.
mel February 7, 2016
oh my tahini,<br />secret joy in dips and fudge<br />always on my tongue
Margaret L. February 6, 2016
swimmer off the high dive,<br />matcha vaults from bamboo spoon<br />to sink in smoothie