9 Ways to Eat Your Matcha (and Drink It Too)

February 17, 2016

You might know matcha as a highly caffeinated, grass-green tea—but if you’ve been limiting your matcha intake to the confines of your coffee cup, you are missing out.

In drink form, matcha is characterized by a slightly astringent and sweet note—the sort of thing that swiftly kicks you in the back of the throat before mellowing out into a smooth, creamy flavor. But when matcha is added as an ingredient in a baking recipe, this tea creates an earthy, slightly vegetal harmony that rounds out the final product’s predominantly sweet flavor. And since matcha is sold as a dusty powder, it blends easily into any dry ingredients and wet ingredients alike. This makes it easy to experiment—the possibilities (cookies! crème brûlée!) are endless—but here are 9 recipes to get you started.

How do you incorporate the good green stuff into your life? Dish it in the comments!

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Sarah E Daniels

Written by: Sarah E Daniels

It's mostly a matter of yeast.


LeBec F. February 17, 2016
p.s. I meant to add that it is very satisfying to see matcha used with confidence- not the wimpy little light green results so much more common!
LeBec F. February 17, 2016
sarah, I am so psyched to see this feature. It reminds me that I have wanted to make that Green Tea Mochi for a long time. Also, don't foget my very easy Green Tea and Pistachio White Chocolates, and my Green Tea Polvorones! And Summer will be here before long, so also see my Summer Green Tea Smoothie!:
Two T. February 17, 2016
All of these look fantastic! Currently on the matcha train and just posted some really good cookies on my blog