What Would You Cook in Julia Child's Kitchen?

February 11, 2016

Julia Child's Provence house—which she called "La Pitchoune" (meaning "the little one")—was recently up for sale, and, unfortunately, none of us bought it. I'm not sure why not.

We all have very formed ideas of what we'd cook in her kitchen—because that homey kitchen is a dreamy fairyland-amusement park for cooks. Imagine all the butter that's passed through that room. How many aprons have been dirtied. How many wine glasses have shattered....

Clearly we need to cope with not having the house. Together.

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So let's imagine what we'd cook in Julia Child's kitchen first:

Amanda: Easy: Sole Meunière! (It's easy, right?) I feel confident in my dredge-and-fry abilities, and the idea of breaking in that kitchen with a whole fish feels exactly the sort of crazy that I like—and very Julia.

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Top Comment:
“While the casserole is simmering in the oven, I would be enjoying Julia´s kitchen having some buttered baguette and a glass of wine.”
— LauraMaria R.

Leslie: I'd make Julia's Coq au Vin because it just feels French countryside. Or her deboned duck in pastry because I'm a glutton for punishment and can't resist making a recipe that's way over my head and beyond my cooking ability.

Caroline: Anything in a butter sauce. Or some kind of brioche!

Ali: I would probably go for eggs, because they seem comforting and manageable in a new kitchen you wouldn't want to mess up. While I'd want to make Julia's poached eggs, it seems a little ambitious at first go. And imagine if you messed up the first thing you made in Julia Child's kitchen. So I'd make scrambled eggs, but how she makes it: saving and then adding 2 tablespoons of raw egg at the end so you make sure your scrambled eggs are creamy.

More: Another trick for super creamy scrambled eggs.

Kenzi: I would stand at her stove and crack many eggs until I finally—finally—mastered the omelette fold. Feel like her stove might have the good juju I need.

Sam: I think I would turn to dessert in this case and make the sweet that I've been craving most lately: sponge cake, maybe chocolate, with a heap of frosting on top. Just because.

Lindsay-Jean: I'd pour myself a glass of wine, pull up a chair at the table, and just soak up the energy in the space while watching videos on my laptop of her cooking.

Your turn! What would you make in Julia Child's kitchen? Share in the comments below.

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Jill S. January 11, 2018
Oh, what a seam that would be..... omelette aux fines herbs for breakfast with juice and cafe au late, soup a loignon gratinee for lunch, boeuf bourguignon with a deep red wine and crusty bread for dinner with a Soufflé a la orange for dessert with espresso. All the while being present in the moment and enjoying all that is right with the world.
Jill S. January 11, 2018

Sorry.... what a dream.... hate iPad tying 😄
none N. January 11, 2018
I actually stayed in La Peetch two years ago - and the first thing I made was gratin dauphinois!
Sharrie H. February 12, 2016
Lobster Thermadore
Bar49 February 11, 2016
Onion soup, bien sur!
witloof February 11, 2016
shevers February 11, 2016
cheese souffle, of course!
LauraMaria R. February 11, 2016
Boeuf Bourguignon, for sure. While the casserole is simmering in the oven, I would be enjoying Julia´s kitchen having some buttered baguette and a glass of wine.
JAC February 11, 2016
Yes, boeuf bourguignon. Definitely. And I would bake a lovely baguette to sop it all up.
April O. February 11, 2016
Boeuf Bourguignon. It's my favorite comfort dish and with Julia's spirit-guidance I'm sure it would turn out just right.
LeBec F. February 11, 2016
YES! Boeuf Bourgignon. So that we could all say it like she did, and laugh!