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Here's What You Were Cooking 4 Years Ago Today

February 29, 2016

2012 was the year of the Hunger Games, and the year of Pete Well's infamous review of Guy Fieri's Times Square Restaurant. Alice Waters crowned The Art of Living According to Joe Beef the winner of that year's Piglet, and Food52 won a James Beard Award for Publication of the Year (woooo!). We were all still obsessed with bacon and kale and chia seeds. It was also the last time we saw February 29th.

What else were we getting up to in 2012? Exactly four years ago today—on Leap Day!—these were the 12 recipes we were cooking the most:

What else were you cooking in 2012? Tell us about last Leap Year's greatest hits in the comments.

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  • Jean Harrison
    Jean Harrison
  • Ceci Sofia
    Ceci Sofia
Writing and cooking in Brooklyn.


healthierkitchen March 1, 2016
some of the above remain favorites: absurdly addictive asparagus, Moroccan carrots, kale and quinoa pilaf, chicken and figs - such great recipes!!
Jean H. February 29, 2016
We threw a party for my husband, invited about 30 people, and ate chalupa with all the fixins. Had a blast.
Ceci S. February 29, 2016
Here it's easy to remember because every 29 is Gnocchi day! :P