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Food52 Wins Publication of the Year

May  7, 2012
Photograph by Ken Goodman

On Friday, Food52 was named Publication of the Year by the James Beard Foundation.

Whoop! W00T! Hooray!

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Just as New York would be nothing without its inhabitants, Food52 would be nothing without you, our community. We built this site, but you came and made it what it is. You poured out your hearts and your delicious recipes. You gave helpful tips and answered people's cooking dilemmas. You got together to make preserves and mozzarella. In short, you came here to help create a wonderful cooking site, and we're so pleased, so thrilled, and so grateful that the James Beard Foundation saw what was happening here and gave us two handsome and shiny medals for it. We thank you all and congratulate you on what we've accomplished together!

We'd also like to thank the huge number of people who have supported us and worked with us from the beginning—our recipe testers, photographers, amazing interns, editors, writers, advisors, designers, developers, videographers, investors, friends, and very patient families.

We're still in the early days of FOOD52, and we have so many exciting projects in the works. We look forward to the next year—to cooking with all of you, to learning from you, and to making this the best cooking site we can imagine!

—Amanda & Merrill

(And you can see some clips from the awards ceremony—including A&M's thank you speech—below.)

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lastnightsdinner May 10, 2012
food52 has changed my life. That's it, plain and simple. Thank you, and big, big congratulations.
garlic&lemon May 10, 2012
Congratulations, richly deserved!! I am so busy that I just got to my e-mail this morning and saw this wonderful news. Food52 is one of the FEW sites I check with any regularity. I often wish I had the time to visit more or to share recipes. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for they many ways that you offer for us to share.
Summer O. May 9, 2012
Congratulations ladies! Well done!
ctgal May 8, 2012
A big congratulations!! I am a loyal fan and totally agree that you and your team deserve this award!
Brussels S. May 8, 2012
Many, many congrats, ladies!! Well deserved!
beyondcelery May 8, 2012
Congratulations! WooHoo!
softenbrownsugar May 8, 2012
That is truly wonderful Amanda & Merrill!
I'll bet the feelings you had when you heard you had won this terrific prize were indescribable!
You definitely deserve it!
What fun!
digitalfoodie May 8, 2012
You are both an incredible inspiration. Congratulations! So well deserved.
okadots May 8, 2012
Congrats!!! xo
MrsWheelbarrow May 8, 2012
Hearty handshakes and warm hugs all around. This is an exceptional place to play with our food, and I feel so fortunate to be a part of this community. Thank you A&M. xoxox
EmilyC May 8, 2012
Congratulations to you and the entire Food52 team on such a well-deserved honor. I'm so happy to be part of this amazingly diverse, creative, and inviting community. Here's to many more accolades in the weeks/years ahead!
Oui, C. May 8, 2012
This award could not be more well deserved, congratulations to you and the whole Food52 team!
ellenl May 8, 2012
ellenl May 8, 2012
Bob May 8, 2012
Brava, Amanda, Merill and the Food 52 staff and compliments for your innovative work in the culinary arts.
gingerroot May 8, 2012
Congratulations! So richly deserved and I'm so thankful to be a part of this community. Here’s to whatever the future holds, although inevitably it will include good food and drink, great friends, and laughs along the way.
Fairmount_market May 8, 2012
Congratulations! A well-deserved honor.
mcs3000 May 8, 2012
mcs3000 May 8, 2012
Beautiful, M. May 8, 2012
Congratulations! So well deserved for building so much more than a publication. I am so glad to be part of this community!