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Here's the Best Thing Our Account Manager Ate This Weekend

February 29, 2016

We get asked all the time: What do you cook at home? Here's a little inspiration from our Account Manager, Clare Slaughter:

My approach to cooking is driven by warring compulsions—impulse grocery shopping and a constant urge to clean out my pantry. After picking up way too many dried mushrooms for a reasonable person to keep around in their cramped Brooklyn apartment, and experiencing the subsequent ache to clear them out of my home, I landed on low-fuss lunch for myself of cooked-down greens and sautéed shiitakes: just enough components to feel like I'm "doing a thing" in the kitchen, without keeping myself from experiencing weekend activities outside of the home, i.e. a bit of museum-going, but mostly tacking up for hours in various Bushwick bars drinking saisons.

Inspired by a recent collards-focused post, I grabbed myself some greens. It was a one-two punch: Not only was I able to lighten my fungi stores, but opting for collard greens allowed me the opportunity to use their soaking liquid for braising. I added a bit of hoisin to the braise for good measure (read: sugar).

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After crisping the shiitakes in my cast-iron, dolloping them on my pile of perfectly wilty greens, dropping a soft-boiled egg on top (because that's what one does in food these days, right?), and sprinkling with furikake, I was scarfing it down—and on my way.

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    Lindsay-Jean Hard
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Lindsay-Jean H. February 29, 2016
This looks so good!
Victoria M. February 29, 2016
Better than soup!