An Open Letter to All the Oranges I've Neglected This Winter

March  4, 2016

An open letter to every bag of oranges I've purchased this winter:

I'm sorry. I'm sorry for neglecting you, for piling you into a bowl and storing you improperly, for keeping you in my overheated kitchen, for letting you turn stony and tough. I won't do it again.

Instead, I pledge to notice when my oranges are starting to look a little wrinklier than they should—and I'll pull out the juicer and the microplane and make the following recipes.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

If the skin is still soft enough to zest:

If the skin's beyond the point of no return:

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  • Amy Lynn Sigmon
    Amy Lynn Sigmon
  • Bar49
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Amy L. March 6, 2016
Dears oranges,
I miss you so much. I despise that I've missed the height of your season. This baby cannot stand you, apparently.
Bar49 March 4, 2016
Just posted a recipe for blood orange, almond ricotta cake at
Check it out for a delicious light and fluffy, cheesecake like cake. Enjoy!