Shades of Green Chopped Salad

January 21, 2011

See how we peel our avocados and why Amanda has to "eat her mistakes" (food52 just became a really scary boarding school, apparently) in this video for fortheloveofyum's delightfully summery Shades of Green Chopped Salad.

This week's videos were once again shot and edited by filmmaker Elena Parker. For more apple salad inspiration, go here.


Gluten F. January 26, 2011
Love the video. Love the salad. Thx!
fortheloveofyum January 23, 2011
Thanks for your wonderful video on the salad, Amanda! I never cut avocados like that, I usually scoop out half w/ a spoon and then cut. I am definitely going to do it your way from now on, it's so much easier! :)