Here's the Best Thing Our Advertising Coordinator Ate This Weekend

March 14, 2016

We get asked all the time: What do you eat at home? Here's a little inspiration from our Advertising Coordinator, Zoe Paknad:

Sunday is my day to get creative with whatever is leftover in my fridge. (Though, who am I kidding? Almost every time I cook, I find myself trying to make something from the dregs of my crisper drawer.) This weekend, I woke up craving a bodega-style egg and cheese, but pushed myself to make something from what was at my disposal. I set out with two stalks of celery, one egg, the butt of a stale loaf of bread, a hunk of Grana Padano, mixed mushrooms, and an assortment of sad looking alliums, then got to work documenting my brunch journey on our Snapchat.

Inspired by our test kitchen chef, Josh’s, Mushrooms with Caramelized Shallots and Thyme, I let shallots, garlic, and mushrooms mingle together in some brown butter on high heat, and topped with copious sea salt, cayenne, and thyme. As they browned, I threw in a few handfuls of chopped celery and copious amounts of Grana Padano. Meanwhile, I toasted my stale bread and poached an egg.

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Then came time to construct the hodgepodge of ingredients into something that resembled breakfast: I topped the crusty toast with spoonfuls of my mushroom mixture, more shavings of Grana Padano, the poached egg, sea salt, and a ton of chili flakes. By the time I broke into the cheesy, salty egg yolk, I had completely forgotten about the bodega egg and cheese I’d dreamt of all morning.

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