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From Where We Stand: Our Weekend in Photos

March 15, 2016

A glimpse into the Food52 team's lives: Here's how the world looks from the beach (!), from the brunch table, and from the long-lost diners we love.

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I went to Coney Island! —Clint

It may be a wall of gorgeous woven blankets, but I see a whole bunch of cake inspiration! Off to make frosting... —Erin

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Hudson Rivering, with my son Campbell. —Lauren

Tasting uncaramelized maple syrup at the Somerville boil down @gwsomerville #f52life

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In Somerville, Massachusetts, (my home of 5 years) there's an organization called Groundworks Somerville that does a big maple tree tapping, and then hosts a boil-down in the spring. I went to the boil-down and got to taste some unfinished maple syrup. It had been boiling for a few hours, but needed a few more to get down to the proper reduction (a 40th of it's original volume!). —Micki

Escaped the city to another city—more lovely weather in Boston. —Carmen

Yo, Brooklyn. 👊🏻

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I explored Dumbo with my boyfriend Pedro! I never get down to that part of Brooklyn, and it was so nice to be on the water in the spring weather. —Hannah

This weekend was perfect for spending quality time with my two loves. Long walks, squirrel chases, and passersby gushing over how adorable they are together. —Rebecca

laughter: life's greatest soundtrack

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​I discovered that even eight-year-olds know all about Snapchat filters. We got silly with the distorted faces over a classic Jewish brunch spread: bagels, lox, extra coffee for me, and chocolate milk for the babies. —Jane P.

Thanks to Smitten Kitchen, I've learned that sometimes avocado toast is meant to do its best impersonation of panzanella and be eaten with a knife and fork. —Lindsay-Jean

So this is Kumar, and he's been serving at the Waverly Diner on 6th Avenue for more than 20 years. Since 2002, he's known my husband Alex's order without fail: French toast and a small orange juice. It's been almost 9 years since Alex has been in, but in an effort to avoid the Friday night scene in the West Village before a show at The Vanguard, we dropped in for dinner and hoped to find him. And there he was, as happy to see Alex as ever, all buoyant and smiley. And then I got weepy. It was the best. —Sam

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