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5 Quick Kitchen Cleaning Projects To Freshen Up Your Weekend

March 17, 2016

The one thing I learned from Marie Kondo was that even a tiny bit of cleaning out can go a long way (that's the opposite of what her all-encompassing method preaches, but at least I figured something out by trying). In keeping, I'm kick-starting my own spring cleaning now that asparagus is actually cropping up all over food blogs—but with baby steps.

Here are 5 tiny-but-impactful spring cleaning projects you can tackle this weekend.

1. Organize your spice cabinet.

Buy a bunch of clear-topped tins and label them like Amanda Hesser does.

...or set them out in jars on open shelves like Erin McDowell.

...or make a mini shelf by cutting a piece of Tupperware in half and arranging some jars on top of it, like me.

2. Give your cookware some love.

Give a good scrub to and re-season any cast iron that's looking rusty.

...and learn how to care for enameled cast iron, while you're at it.

...also: Don't forget about your stainless steel.

3. Tend to your wooden tools and cutting boards.

...and replace the ones that you've been neglecting.

4. Tackle any of those stains you thought were with you forever.

Yellow turmeric stains can be fought! can berry stains.

...and oily stains.

5. Introduce some storage solutions.

Nice new shoes! Save the box and turn it a pretty archive container for printed recipes and recipe cards.

...put up some pegs to hang your extra seating (or your bike) on.

...or source a floating shelving unit that's as pretty as a piece of art.

A few helping hands, should you need them:

How are you starting spring cleaning? Let us know in the comments!

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