Hot Cross Bun Waffles (!) and More Meals To Make From Easter Leftovers

March 28, 2016

It was serendipitous (or rather, very planned) that we released our new new app (Not)Recipes the week before Easter, a holiday associated with the springy-new and feast-worthy. And boy did you turn out—all day long, we kept going back to see more.

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Hot cross bun French toast waffle. I just soaked a gr cross bun in splash of milk and an egg then put it in a waffle iron!

But the thing that really caught our eye was checking out your leftover game, because, look, how do you beat an Easter classic-turned-French-toast waffle (see above)? It was one of the best things we saw on the app using Easter leftover—but there are plenty of runners-up worth committing to memory:

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There was post-Easter egg salad:

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Desiree @ whatsinseasonwithdes
Desiree @ whatsinseasonwithdes
Easter eggs (finely diced), chopped chives, Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, salt and pepper, folded and mixed to combine. Slap on some super toasted sliced bread with arugula and prosciutto!

And ham biscuit sandwiches galore:

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Lauren Erickson
Lauren Erickson
Leftover Easter ham + Swiss scraps + skillet of homemade buttermilk biscuits. (Melt a stick of butter in a cast-iron skillet at 425. Meanwhile, use your hands to mix self-raising flour with just enough buttermilk to form a dough. Pat out, cut into circles with a juice glass. Dip each in the melted butter and arrange in skillet. Bake until done. Also amazing with honey on top. ??) #biscuits #buttermilk #ham #leftovers
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Mike Cullinan
Mike Cullinan
Easter Leftover Breakfast Sandwich = Fry an egg with some butter, warm leftover ham in same pan, warm biscuit (cut side down) in same buttered pan. When egg is almost cooked place cheese on egg until melted.
***Assemble sandwich - place some ham on biscuit bottom with some Sriracha then egg/cheese on top then layer additional ham and then biscuit top.
#Easter #leftovers #breakfast #sandwich #hameggandcheese #Sriracha

Leftovers got new life as shepherd's pie:

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Elin |
Elin |
Make #shephardspie with #leftovers from #easter

And extra hard-boiled eggs got topped with paprika and fried capers:

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Deviled Eggs inspired by Bouchon. Fried capers are the perfect addition to the classic

What are you making with Easter leftovers? Tell us in the comments below—or upload your (Not)Recipe to the app!


Shelley M. March 29, 2016
I used a hot cross bun as the roll for my breakfast sandwich.
Author Comment
Samantha W. March 29, 2016
I'm very into that. Show us on the app!