How to Use Up a Bevy of Bulk Sausage

March 29, 2016

You had grand Easter brunch plans—all toasty, yeasty breads and asparagus with deviled eggs and rich stratas and frittatas. But whether you forgot about that roll of bulk sausage you'd bought, or just didn't get around to making the second sausage strata, or need to pull a roll of sausage out of the freezer to make room for Easter leftovers (been there), well, start with these recipes:

  • Make that second strata! Or frittata! Eggs and sausage are the best of friends.
  • Or spice the sausage and shape it into patties—and then slip onto breakfast sandwiches all week.
  • Keep the technique and switch up the format: Make patties, spicing them as you like, and pile them onto sandwiches like these.
  • Stuff puff pastry with sausage, fold up, and bake for an all-in-one breakfast.
  • Or make biscuits with a sausage gravy. Or cut out the middleman and put the sausage in the biscuit.
  • Brown the sausage, cook chopped potatoes in the fat, and add the sausage back in for a killer hash.
  • Add it to soup! Lentil is a good bet, as is white bean, as is cabbage. Brothy clams welcome sausage, too.
  • Toss with pasta. We'd recommend adding a little broccoli rabe, too.
  • Crumble and bake it with any vegetables you happen to have in the fridge, and serve with good bread and cheese for a simple dinner.
  • Make a pizza! Brown the sausage and scatter over any pizza before sliding it into the oven.

What are your favorite ways to use sausage meat? Tell us about it in the comments.

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