Eat this Seafood Salad and Pretend You're in Cinque Terre

April  4, 2016

This past weekend, New York was beautiful and now all we want to do is twirl through Central Park, Sound of Music-style, and shout, "It's spring! It's really, really spring!"

If you've ever lived in a place with long, cold winters that turn into long, blue-skied days, you know the feeling of wanting nothing more but to embrace spring with open arms—we've missed you!—dust off the picnic blanket, and head to the closest patch of grass (or roof) with a bottle of rosé and a basket filled with summer picnic essentials—seafood! salad! fresh, bright food!

This octopus salad by Sasa and Jan encapsulates all of those things: It's fresh and minimal—dressed only with finely chopped parsley, spring onions, a squeeze of lemon juice, and olive oil, tastes best served at room temperature, and goes perfectly with a glass of rosé. Sure, we'd prefer to eat it on a seaside café somewhere in Cinque Terre, but even as a desk lunch, this comes pretty close to perfect.

What are you most excited to pack in your picnic basket? Tell us in the comments below!

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