7 Chicken Dishes to Eat All Week (and What to Serve with Them)

April 14, 2016

We always start out with good intentions—armed with binders full of dinner inspiration, well-meaning grocery lists, and recipe collections dedicated to "Easy Weeknight Dinners!"—but some weeks, making dinner from scratch every single night just isn't going to happen. Our solution? Cheat the system.

This may look like chicken with orzo, but it's actually a weekday warrior. Photo by Bobbi Lin

By cooking one large dish on Sunday or Monday evening, you'll have the foundation for several nights of meals—then each night, just make a side or two to go along with it, which will make your main last through the end of the week. Here are 7 chicken dinners to enjoy all week and the sides to serve with them:

What are your go-to, week-long meals? Do you have any favorite chicken dinners built to last? Tell us in the comments below!

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