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BREAKING NEWS: Pizza Consumption at an All-Time High

April 19, 2016

In news that will surprise no one, the restaurant industry tracker Technomic, Inc. reported that pizza consumption is at its highest level in the past four years. Americans eat a slice of pizza four times a month, "up from 3.4 pizza occasions in 2014."

And according to Food Business News reported, nearly 40% of consumers—an 8% increase since 2014—say that "unique toppings are 'highly important' in creating a good pizza." Chicken and prosciutto are trending toppings.

Here's how you can stay on top of the trends (as if you needed that motivation) and have more than four "pizza occasions" a month (without leaving your house to get it):

What's another dish that we should all be eating more frequently? I vote for baba ghanoush. Share your answer in the comments!

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