8 Types of Lemonade to Drink While Watching Beyoncé Tonight

April 23, 2016

If you're a millennial​ or just a fan of Top 40 music (guilty as charged), you might be aware that tonight is a big night.

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"Why is it a big night?" —asks everyone who doesn't fit into the aforementioned categories​.

Because, after months of hints and teases from Beyoncé (like the above Instagram), tonight is the World! Premiere​! Event! for her latest project, Lemonade.

After watching the above trailer, the essence of this project is probably just as clear to you as it is to us.

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Okay, okay: We have absolutely no idea what to expect. A horror film? The world's longest music video? Who knows! But because Bey runs the world, we'll be in formation, ready to watch tonight (P.S.A.: even if you aren't a subscriber, if you have cable, HBO will be free this weekend).

It probably goes without saying that we'll be sipping on one of these refreshing lemonade blends, and you should too, otherwise you might find out that Lemonade is the best thing you never had:

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