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A Refreshing Cucumber Salad that Brings the Heat

May 11, 2016

"Cool as a cucumber" is actually fully rooted in fact: Cucumbers are always a few degrees cooler than room temperature—and if you ask us, this makes them the perfect contender for cooling meals on hot days.

Amber Olson, whose It's Hot to Be Cool Thai-Inspired Cucumber Salad caught our attention, knows that well. She also knows that spicy foods are cooling (they'll make you sweat!), so in addition to those cool cucumbers, she's thrown in Thai-spiced, dry-roasted peanuts. And if things get too hot, just add more creamy dressing, made from silken tofu and minced lemongrass (or take a sip—it's that good).

Do you have a favorite cucumber salad? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Cathy Barzo
    Cathy Barzo
  • Vicenza Dix
    Vicenza Dix
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Cathy B. May 12, 2016
Hungarian style cucumber salad - it's not hot, but you could use hot paprika to garnish it instead of regular paprika.
Vicenza D. May 11, 2016
Leslie, sounds so refreshing! I also love adding the heat, perfect addition! Thanks for sharing!